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You can play Buraco Plus online anytime. Challenge your friends or random opponents and compete for the monthly leaderboard or play for fun and to meet new people. You can also challenge your friends or single play. Badges, personal stas, chat, private messagesā€¦ our card game is your oyster! šŸ˜‰

Buraco Plus Multiplayer Card Game - by Spaghetti Interactive


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A game completed and won assigns the following points:
  • 4 points level Beginner
  • 5 points level Intermediate
  • 6 points level Expert
  • 6 points level Multiplayer against an online opponent
  • with a game balanced assigns the following points:
  • 1 points at the level beginner
  • 2 points at the level Intermediate
  • 3 points level Expert
  • 4 points level Multiplayer against an online opponent
  • On a game interrupted assigns the following scores:
  • 0 points user who leaves the game
  • 0 points user that remained in play if the disconnection occur in the first round, otherwise 2 points .
  • To play with other online players will have four possibilities. You can use the Random you select another player at random fact. Or you can challenge one of the players who is waiting to challenge in the middle column of the main screen of the game (online tab), otherwise you can put on hold the challenge by clicking the Create Challenge through which it is added to the queue of waiting players, and to wait for a challenge by other users. You can also challenge their friends to facebook, by Challenge Friends.
    To play with your facebook friends just send a challenge request to one or more friends via the button Challenge Friends which is located in the right column of the main screen of the online game. A window will open where you can select friends to invite. In order to play you have to both be online at the same time.
    The size of the game are fluid and increasing the width of the browser window also increases the height of the game. This is to respect the proportions which ensure good gameplay. If you are unable to see the entire height of the playfield, we should decrease the width of the browser. Doing this will also decrease the height and allow you to view the entire screen. Broom More requires a minimum resolution of 1110x800 pixels monitor up, but you should play with higher resolutions for a more realistic experience.
    Every time you start a new game is used a random background from those available, until you select a favorite background, and this can be done from the main menu (bottom button on the left during the game) in the Settings .
    For the 4 levels of play ( Multiplayer , Single Player - Beginners , Single Player - Good , Single Player - Experts ), there are three rankings:
    • Daily
    • Monthly
    • All time
    the daily ranking is reset every day and that monthly every month. Samples of each month will be published on this site. The ranking ever however is never zero and identifies the players with the highest number of absolute points.
    If you want to get out of a game in progress you have to open the menu icon at the bottom left of the game table, and click Close game. This will return to the home screen where you can select another game mode and start playing with another opponent.
    The image change can take place only after reaching level 10
    • Click on your image
    • Click Edit Profile < / li>
    • Click on your image
    • Click change
    • Click image charge
    It is possible to play without ads just by clicking on Play without ads on the main page and follow the payment process. Payment is one-time and removes advertising forever!
    • Click on Options
    • Scroll down to the menu Visible Online
    • Select the option No ( or friends Only )
    Layers are in a sense the player's skill. When you win the matches you are assigned a score to the winner if the score exceeds certain thresholds, the player gains a level. The first levels are easy to reach while advanced levels require a lot of dedication and a lot of skill ... you can get up to the 50th level of play !!!
    • Click on Options
    • Scroll down to the menu Receive friend requests
    • Select the No
    • Click on his profile picture and then Block
    • Click on his profile picture and then Report
    • Click on Find Friends at the bottom of the home screen
    • Scroll down and choose one of the possible ways to publish an invitation:
      • Publish invitation on Facebook
      • Publish invitation on Google Plus
      • Publish invitation on Twitter